Create a healthy
space for education

Keeping children healthy in the classroom and making sure they have every opportunity to learn and grow.

What is the problem and how do we solve it?

The most important job of schools is creating a safe and nurturing environment for children to learn in. We’ve created a system, which addresses real issues affecting health in the classroom.

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Why monitor CO2?

Not only is CO2 a major cause of global warming, it's also becoming a problem indoors. As we strive to improve energy efficiency through weatherization, the risk of CO2 buildup in a closed room has become an issue.

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Why monitor humidity?

Dry air causes chronic breathing problems and increases fatigue. Excessive humidity makes kids sick by spreading infections and creating an environment where mold can thrive.

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Why monitor temperature?

No one wants to be too cold, or too hot. The temperature in classrooms should be just right. This makes it easier to concentrate and improves energy efficiency.

CO2, humidity and temperature are the three most important air quality indicators that determine our comfort and our ability to focus and receive new information.

Higher CO2 concentrations cause

  • lower concentration
  • reduced ability to receive new information
  • increased fatigue
  • chronic health problems

Introducing Healthy School

Healthy School offers a balance between a healthy environment in the classroom and the cost of heating. With Healthy School, you can always be certain that heating and cooling costs are as low as possible and that children’s health is still the number one priority.

Healthy School is a set of smart devices that are able to continuously monitor air quality in classrooms.


Airsense sensor

is an air-quality monitoring sensor, measures CO2 concentration, temperature and humidity inside the classroom.

Technical specifications


is portable wireless display showing current data from air quality sensors. It can be placed into the classroom to constantly gauge air quality.

Technical specifications


is the heart of every Healthy School installation, wirelessly picking up data from up to 30 sensors in the school and sending them to the cloud.

Technical specifications

You can watch all the information in the application

With Healthy School installation, schools get:

  • An up-to-date environmental status report for each classroom, which can be displayed in the room, the web, or in the app.
  • Warnings shown if values exceed unhealthy boundaries, so no one has to actively monitor the data, alerts are presented automatically and appear again once the readings are back to normal.
  • An interactive tool that leads to ecological behavior and energy efficiency.
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Easy installation

Anybody can install and configure our sensors in 5 minutes. No special infrastructure, no additional wires needed.

First installation stepInstallation step line

Connect the Homebase into a standard internet router.

Second installation stepInstallation step line

Establish a radio connection between the Homebase and sensors by a simple pairing operation.

Third installation step

Place the sensors in the classrooms.

And that's all.