Portasight is a portable display intended for an immediate inspection of air quality. The display can show data from any Airsense sensor or temperature and humidity measured by its inbuilt sensors. Each Portasight is entirely wireless, a magnetic back allows placement on any steel surface or can be placed on the stand, delivered with the display.

Physical sizeDevice: 103 x 92 x 14 mm
Active display: 90 x 65 mm
Weight135 g (incl. batteries)
MaterialAnodised aluminium, wood
Power Supply2x exchangeable AAA battery, battery life 1 year
Active sensorsHumidity, temperature
AccuracyTemperature sensor ± 0,5 °C
Humidity sensor ± 4 %RH
Radio protocolProprietary protocol Chirp, 433 MHz
Working conditionsFrom +5 to +50 °C, from 0 to 80 %RH
Type of antennaInternal